Friday, June 11, 2010

Take a fresh look at our life

Keep the flame burning

Discover the secret of falling in love
Love makes your body n soul
younger each day n night
Love makes u happy n joy
healthy n wise
we deserved true happinesss
but first of all
we must fall in love
madly with ourself
True love is standing
right in front of us
No matter what we do
how far the distance are
love is there deep inside us
keep in our mind
burning in our soul
side by side
as time goes by
there are some things
that money can't buy
seems to be the priceless moment
when i found u
n i love u so
when i met u
i miss u too
n i do love u
till death
do us apart
i still love u
n indeed i will
till i met myself
madly in love in
life keep on moving
love keep on burning

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